5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

If you're thinking about whether you should hire a wedding planner or not, it's easy to get sucked into the myth that planners are "extra" or an unnecessary expense. You may feel like you have it all under control, or you might have an aunt or other family member that has offered to help. Here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD hire a wedding planner

1. Less Stress

Let's start with an obvious one, but maybe the most important. Planners take on the stress of wedding planning for you. You may feel like you can do it all, but once you get into the thick of vendor contracts, budget restrictions, e-mails and timelines, it can all get overwhelming. Not to mention the wedding day. Your planner will be able to field all the questions and problems that can arise while you are getting ready and enjoying the moment, rather than stressing about set up and vendor arrivals.

2. Planners can save you money

A wedding planner knows what vendors will give you the most bang for your buck and can keep you from wasting money on those who aren't worth it. We also know where you should be spending your money that will make the biggest impact in regards to decor and other elements so you are truly getting the best result from your investment. Lastly, we may receive a discount from preferred vendors that we can pass on to other clients.

3. Your aunt (or other family member) isn't a professional

If you have family offering to help, that's great! but unless they are a professional within the industry, they won't know how to handle issues that may arise effectively and may not know how to execute your vision. A wedding planner is used to dealing with things like scheduling set backs or bad weather and has been working with you along the way to develop your vision for your big day. These folks who want to help are great at tasks like making sure the cards and gifts get back to the hotel, or making sure the bridal party has snacks and water throughout the day. Not to mention, you don't want your mom or bridesmaid working away the day instead of enjoying it with you!

4. Planners help you coordinate the entire day, not just one part

You may think that because your venue has an onsite coordinator, you won't need a planner. This is not true! I love venue managers or coordinators and they do make life easier for sure! But, in most cases they are only assisting with venue related elements. At most, they can recommend vendors and assist with linen or food selection (if they provide those things). A planner will be there and involved in the entire day, and will have worked with you to plan every aspect. This means even the smallest details that might fall outside the scope of the venue coordinator won't slip by your planner.

5. Your wedding planner knows which venues and vendors will fit your style and needs

If you are looking for a venue that allows outside catering, or has a certain aesthetic, or a band with a specific sound, or if you have a strict budget, your planner will most likely already know what vendors will be a fit for you and your budget. (This is also a reason to book your planner FIRST) Picking the wrong venue or other major vendor can be a serious stress factor and major bummer. A planner can take the footwork out of finding the right people and places and keep you from making some big mistakes.

Whether you feel like you have it all under control, or have no idea where to begin, there are benefits to hiring a wedding planner (or at minimum a day of coordinator) that will far surpass the investment involved.

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy and soak in their big day!

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